Sea - The Final Frontier

Space can step aside for now. We have a new frontier right here on earth. The statistics are always surprising, more than 70% of the planet is covered by water, and less than 5% of it has been explored. Those of us that have the privilege of diving into the ocean are exploring a space that people only dreamed about until recent decades. This exploration is possible because of SCUBA - or Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This apparatus allows human beings to dive to depths that were once unthinkable. Forages into this underwater world have become increasingly popular, especially since Scuba diving equipment makes it so easy. Now, if there is an ocean nearby, you can bet there are scuba divers, scuba lessons, and scuba diving clubs in the vicinity as well. There are even scuba diving clubs that are not located near oceans. These clubs plan trips around the world to go scuba diving in different oceans! When you see the beauty that lives so peacefully under the water, it isn’t any wonder why scuba diving is so popular. In fact, it is a world that is so amazing and breath taking that you will want to make an under water camera part of your essential dive equipment. While no sport suits everyone, most people who try scuba diving are hooked after their very first dive. Most people are looking forward to their next dive before they ever return home from the last dive. In our fast paced world, scuba diving offers the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief. Imagine a world where there are no phones, no palm pilots – and no rush. You leave a world that is noisy, and enter a world where the only real noises you will hear are the bubbles from your scuba gear.


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