Taking it to the Next Level - Advanced and Master Courses

Are you ready to take your Scuba skills to the next level? When you are ready for the advanced scuba diving course, you will most likelybe required to show proof of a certain number of open water dives before you willbe admitted to the advanced program. For instance, the NAUI requires proof oftwenty-five open water dives before a diver will be allowed to enroll in theadvanced course. The advanced diving course should allow you to explore various types of specialty diving. The advanced course should not provide in-depth instruction in these specialties, but there should be enough to allow you to know whether you want to explore a specialty further in the future. You should learn more about navigation during the advanced course as well, which will allow you to explore more waters later on. Night diving and low visibility diving are usually covered in advanced courses, as well as deep diving. Depending on the dive school, your advanced instruction may allow you to participate in various types of dives including hunting and collecting, surf diving, altitude diving, photography diving, using dive computers, diving in different waters, such as salt water or fresh water, underwater mapping, and even search and recovery simulations, as well as wreckage simulations. Master scuba courses are also recommended after you have completed advanced training. A master course should include dives in areas that will test your skills and abilities. The course should also give you even more skills and abilities. Deep diving as well as simulated decompression diving should be covered, as well as night diving and limited visibility diving, underwater navigation, emergency procedures, rescue diving, and search and recovery diving. Elective dives in various specialties should also be offered. There is more to diving than the basic introductory dives. Although it is important to gain basic skills first, scuba offers many exciting niches to explore when you want to take it to the next level.


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